Enjoying some time in Miami !!!!

You can know submit music to our UGM Take Over Playlist , click the submit music link to sign up.

UnderGroundMikz is now supporting UnderGround Artists in EDM, ROCK, Country, R&B, POP and more coming soon. Setup your fan page today !!

Few days left to get on OCT Take Over Playlist !!

#SeptUGMTakeOver Playlist - Start Sharing soundcloud.com/undergroundmikz/sets/takeover-sept2…

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Lets get some discussions going, its a built in feature in the group page. Maybe ask your fans what they want to see from you, or whats their... Show more

We doubled in size from the last week!! Welcome to all the new members !!

IF you would like to setup a fan page click groups, then at the bottom click create group. Groups are sorted by most active on top.


Cain is friends with MrJameZtown

Artists looking to setup a Fan Page Click Groups, then Create Group. Let me know if you need help.

MrJameZtown is friends with Hyde

Want to know who won the $25 Cash Prize Giveaway ???? Could be you....... youtu.be/YdfT9xoffkU

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I'm in the mood to make it a great week. You?

Just had a great workout. Felt good to be back in the gym.

Guys its a social platform so lets get some convo started....

Check out this month's Monthly Mix: Featuring 40 songs from the community !!


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